CV Health check

Who is it for? Everybody. Whether you are an experienced professional or on your first job hunt, we can give you actionable and relevant feedback on your CV.


What do you need to do? Send over your CV in a PDF format accompanied by a short description where you are likely to send it next!


What do you get?  You will get written feedback and comments on what you can do to improve your CV.


What does it cost? CHF 75.00 (if you need a cover letter checked, it adds another CHF 50.00)


Who is it for? People looking to refine their understanding of the job market and/or being challenged on where they stand and what they should do next


What do you need to do? Tell us when it would work best for you to exchange. Ahead of the discussion (most take place on the phone or over skype), please send over your CV in a PDF format.


What do you get?  Insights, experience & knowledge of the Swiss job market.


What does it cost? CHF 100.00 for a 45-minute discussion


Interview Preparation

Who is it for? Everybody needs a little prep and coaching before interviews. We can help prepare case studies, brainteasers, key questions, etc.


What do you need to do? Send over your CV and the name of the companies you are or would like to interview for.


What do you get?  A fair amount of challenging and tips on how to ace interviews.


What does it cost? CHF 150.00 for a 60-minute session