Feedback received


« Very helpful, (Name hidden) gives you a lot of suggestions of key words to use and how to improve your answers! Definitely recommended! » (Sabine, Mock Interview session)


« He is very knowledgeable and someone who really tries to help. I really recommend him! » (Sol, Mock Interview session)


« (Name hidden) gave me amazing insights and tips on how to make an attractive CV. Very encouraging and thoughtful conversation. I am definitely going to book a second session! Thank you so much! Motivated me to work even harder! » (Aynur, CV critique & construction)


« (Name hidden) helped me a lot not only in the correction of the resume. He gave me very useful tips, suggestions and feedbacks. I easily recommend (Name hidden)! (Marco, CV Health Check)


« (Name hidden) was very insightful. We did two case questions and for each he gave me a comprehensive feedback on what I did well, where I made mistakes and what I should improve. We also went through the fit part where he gave me very valuable advice in order to improve my answers. Don’t hesitate to contact him! (Jules, Case study practice)


« Really good mock interview. Friendly and knowledgeable person. He answered all my questions and managed to share his own experience to make me get a better understanding of what to expect from my actual interview. I easily recommend (name hidden)! (Rodrigo, Mock interview)


« I had a wonderful session with (name hidden). He helped me with market sizing questions and brain teaser questions. He was prepared and was willing to help. I would highly recommend (name hidden) if you are preparing a consulting interview! (Jane, Mock interview)