our story

Based in Switzerland, we are experienced consultants who have interviewed and coached hundreds of people. We have also seen our fair share of what is out there and we would like for you to benefit from this experience.

We have always been surprised by people and it is a large part of why we love the jobs we do. Helping you achieve what you want and boosting your career is a great source of pride and accomplishment.

We have been fortunate to have encountered mentors and coaches along our professional careers and we cannot stress how important some advice has been. We always seek to receive feedback and so should you.

There are 4 of us and we together have 30+ years of experience in consulting, finance and IT. We strive to answer quickly, and are looking forward to hearing from you. We consult in French and English.

Being active, we do not reveal our full identities and we thank you for accommodating our schedule and availabilities.

Finally, Boosting Careers was established in 2018 but its work started long ago. A taste for new challenges and the desire to reach more people is why we jumped the fence!



"If you never try, you can never fail. But more importantly, you can never succeed." - Theory Ray